Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quick Little Baby Snowdrop Hat

Hubby's cousin had his first baby, a little girl, over the weekend. We can't wait to meet her and so in the meantime I thought I'd knit a little hat! I purchased a bunch of baby-esque yarn prior to Goose being born so I was able to raid my stash for the little bits this hat needs.

It was super easy to knit up. I started it last night after dinner and with some knitting then, some more at the park today and a bit over naptime and voila! I'm done!

Yarn: The pink is a DK weight as it's what I had on hand. If I had worsted I would go down a needle size for the ribbing. Upper level yarns are both worsted.

Needles: size 5 DPNs

Cast on 64 stitches in first CC
Rows 1-10: *K2, P2* repeat to end, break yarn
Rows 11-12: Knit MC
Row 13, 17, 21: *K1(MC), K1(CC)* repeat to end of row
Rows 14, 16, 18, 20, 22: Knit (MC)
Rows 15, 19, 23: *K1(CC), K1(MC)* repeat to end of row
Row 24: Knit (MC)
Row 25: Knit (CC)
Row 26: *K6, K2Tog* to end
Row 27: Knit
Row 28: *K5, K2Tog* to end
Row 29: Knit
Row 30: *K4, K2Tog* to end
Row 31: Knit
Row 32: *K3, K2Tog* to end
Row 33: Knit
Row 34: *K2, K2Tog* to end
Row 35: Knit
Row 36: *K1, K2Tog* to end
Row 37: Knit
Row 38:*K2Tog* to end
Cut tail, thread through rem stitches and weave in all ends. Add pom pom!

I feel like it may be a little small. Definitely a newborn hat though I was shooting for more of a 0-3month. I know that my babies could never wear newborn hats with their big bowling ball heads! Next time I'd cost on at least 72 stitches and another repeat of snowdrop stitches.

Also, all the yarn is acrylic. Ech. Like 100% acrylic. The white and sandstone aren't too bad but the pink is super squeaky. I think it's good for a baby hat because there's nothing to itch her but if I were buying yarn for this project I'd look for something soft and wooly and squeak-less. I think I'll make Chipmunk a hat next with the same pattern but not

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