Sunday, January 12, 2014

BOM: Lucky Stars 2014 Bonus Block

Last night my husband went over to our neighbor's house to watch the football game and I had 3 wonderful hours of sewing and was able to knock out most of the Bonus Block for 2014. It went so much better than my first attempt! The center is still a little wonky, but much much closer to on point than the other. And I love the colors. I know the Kaffe Fasset swiss chard fabric gets a little lost in the floral, but I like it. They are looking a little more kaleidoscope than stars, but I'm loving it!

But then I noticed how much smaller my first block (right) is than the the second block. Nearly 3/4" on each side! Clearly I botched that first one big time. I like the design though (or how the design should look) so I'm definitely going to take another go at it when I have some free time.

When I decided to do a BOM club and found Lucky Stars I accidentally purchased the pattern set for 2013, not 2014. I like to think of it as a happy accident of course. So I'm doing both 2013 and 2014 at the same time to end up with 26 blocks at the end of the year. I finished January 2013 today (it was a super quick one!), but I've realized my little iPhone does it's best at the top of my stairs in the daylight, so I'll photograph tomorrow!


  1. It's good to see variety in fabric choices! I did the 2013 blocks and some months had great matching, and the next month - not so much! Good luck.