Wednesday, January 22, 2014


One of my 2014 goals is to make a on-the-go project bag for my hand quilting and embroidery. The designs for the bag are still under construction, but I had to jump in and make the little accessory pouch to go with it. My current tote bag has a mess of stuff floating around the bottom, and since the bag has no closure, it's constantly falling out.

I was scrounging through my stash and came across these two fabrics. My first big project after Goose was born was to try my hand at some low-immersion dyeing. I used some muslin I had on hand and blended a couple of tutorials and as such, I was less than pleased with the results and banished these pieces to the bottom of the pile. But with some years between us and a new project, it seemed they would be perfect.

It was such an easy project (or would have been if my focus hadn't been divided between the project and Goose trying to dance on the table), I'm ready to make a dozen more!

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