Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Foxy is Complete!

**Update: Ahh! I inadvertently deleted my first post. The detailed info about this piece has now been included at the bottom of this post. Whoops!** 

My little fox, the first of the embroidered animals for Baby K's Woodland quilt is done! And I'm super happy how it came out if I do say so myself!

A little close up of the vine and berry work...

I decided to embroider these squares instead of do a picture quilt (an idea I toyed with for awhile though I've never done one before!) so that I could make progress on it even when not in my studio. Once Goose has gone to bed, the Hubs and I like to relax and watch TV. I'm not good at just sitting and watching the tube so I need to be doing something else. As Pinterest was starting to rot my brain I figured it was time to pick up some handiwork and here we are!

Here's a peek at the palette of thread I'm using for all the stitching in this quilt. Once I go to sash it together I hope to use some Shot Cotton in coordinating colors. But that's a long ways off and honestly, if I don't get it done in time (or ever) or I grow tired of this project, Foxy looked just as sweet in the hoop so it could just make great nursery decor.

I adore these colors! And they look so shiny in this photo! It's just DMC floss, so it's not that shiny in person but a girl can dream...

Here's the info I accidentally deleted before...

Design: The fox is my own drawing and the circle frame is inspired by Not Just Any Bee  .

Materials: I bought the fabric from Joann's based on an online suggestion months ago. I wish I could remember what it was. All thread is DMC.

Stitches: Backstitch for rust outline, stem stitch for white detailing and light olive vine, palestrina stitch via Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials for the dark green vine, single french knot for the berries.

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